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SWIFT WX 2.7 (Subscription)

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This program provides powerful weather information on your Windows PC.

Features Include: Track tornadoes, hurricanes, flash floods with over 1,000 satellite images. Integrate a GPS to plot your position along with weather overlay. The program also provides up-to-the-minute data feeds from 140 weather service offices. You can configure SWIFT Wx to send you an email or alert when a certain weather condition occurs. The program also provides support for external GIS mapping systems.

Reviewed by Matthew Justice on 4-13-2007


Pros: Great quality weather overlays, webcams, and integrated weather information, built-in alerting system.
Cons: Requires a powerful computer to render the graphics, slightly hard to get started using.
Notes: Free 14-day Trial, it is highly recommended that you have a Broadband (either Cable or DSL) speed connection to the internet.

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External Reference: "New SWIFT WX Professional the Most Comprehensive Weather Tracking Tool for Consumers Launches".

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