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New SWIFT WX Professional the Most Comprehensive Weather Tracking Tool for Consumers Launches

Printer Friendly Graphic Katrina, Rita, Wilma -- all names that still strike fear in the hearts of many U.S. residents. Now consumers can actively protect themselves, their property, and their loved ones from deadly hurricanes, devastating tornadoes, flash floods and other threatening weather with a first warning and up-to-the-minute information from the new SWIFT WX Professional ( weather tracking tool. It features more than 1,100 weather maps, weather radar down to the street level, GPS tracking, perimeter reports, and up-to-the-minute data feeds from 140 weather service offices. The user-friendly SWIFT WX Professional was originally designed for storm chasers tracking tornadoes and allows consumers to be automatically alerted -- and track -- approaching severe weather.

If a person has Internet access they can use SWIFT WX Professional, said SWIFT Weather CEO Rory Groves. There is no other weather tracking software available to the consumer that is as feature-rich as SWIFT WX. Consumers can customize the amount of data on the map and also combine that data in different ways. You can even overlay your GPS position. Our software is powerful enough for professional storm trackers -- yet easy enough for absolutely all consumers. We also provide complimentary online support to all SWIFT WX users.

Scientists have announced the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season will have above-average activity as they predict 14 named storms, seven hurricanes -- and a 64% chance of one devastating hurricane with sustained winds of 111 mph or greater. In addition, the frequency and intensity of tornadoes in the Midwest are increasingly ferocious, and storms dumping several inches of rain in just a few hours are becoming commonplace nationwide. However, SWIFT WX Professional will keep the consumer one step ahead of the weatherman and able to make protective arrangements in advance of weather information made public.

A free two-week evaluation of SWIFT WX Professional is available at . Purchase options include a monthly plan of $14.50 or a yearly option of $159.50. Subscribers to SWIFT WX Professional may cancel at any time.

Media Contact: to PRNN results on ' href=''> For more information, free trial, screen shots, or to interview CEO Rory Groves, contact Ria Romano, PR Manager at 786-290-6413.


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New SWIFT WX Professional  the Most Comprehensive Weather Tracking Tool for Consumers Launches News , Press Release and Blog
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