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Completely Automatic
Weather Tracking

Simply install it and run the software
and you'll be presented with the
big-picture view of weather across
the United States, instantly.
National or Neighborhood Views

Zoom to any region of the country with ease. Start with an astronaut's view and zoom right down to your own backyard.

Choose from Over 1,100 Weather Maps

You'll have access to over 1,000 radar images,  satellite images, and other weather imagery. All of this is made available to you through a common, easy to use interface.

You will have access to a suite of Doppler Radar imagery, including: 

  • Base Reflectivity the most commonly seen on TV and the Internet
  • Composite Reflectivity for viewing the strongest parts of the storm
  • Radial Velocity and Storm-Relative Velocity for detecting motion and rotation inside thunderstorms
  • Long-range reflectivity for viewing weather almost 300 miles away
  • Precipitation Totals for measuring the amount of rainfall from a storm system -- extremely important for determining flash flood potential!
  • Winter Weather Radar for viewing rain/sleet/snow all on one map 
  • Tropical Satellite for tracking approaching Hurricanes!
Perimeter Alerts

Set up Perimeters to be automatically alerted to approaching severe weather.
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