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Plot Storm Data from 140+ Weather Agencies

Every day the National Weather Service, Storm Prediction Center, and several
other weather agencies publish gigabytes of data. This information is used
by professional forecasters to predict weather conditions for your local
neighborhood. Wouldn't you like to have access to the same information
used by government forecasters? You can with SWIFT WX Professional:
Surface Conditions

A quick look at the local weather situation.

Full support for meteorological METARs showing Temperature, Dewpoint, Pressure, Wind Direction and Speed, Wave Height, and Visibility.

Aviation METARs

Enhanced support for pilots by color coding METARs based on Visual/Instrument Flight Rules:

  • Visual Flight Rules (VFR)
    Ceiling 3,000+ ft and Visibility 5+ mi
  • Marginal VFR (MVFR)
    Ceiling 1,000-3,000 ft, Visibility 3-5 mi
  • Instrument Flight Rules
    Ceiling 500-1,000 ft, Visibility 1-3 mi
  • Low IFR (LIFR)
    Ceiling < 500 ft or Visibility < 1 mi
Wind Vectors

Quickly see the direction and intensity of winds.
Convective Outlooks

Predict severe weather up to 24 hours in advance.
Mesoscale Discussions

Mesoscale Discussions highlight specific weather hazards including:

  • Tornado Potential
  • Severe Thunderstorm Potential
  • Heavy Rain
  • Winter Weather
  • Blizzards

Get immediate notification when Watches are issued by the United States' Storm Prediction Center.

Watches are typically issued 1-2 hours before the first severe thunderstorm occurs.

Receive Severe Thunderstorm, Tornado, or Flash Flood Warnings within seconds of being disseminated by the National Weather Service.
Storm Paths

Predict the path of severe storms and estimate times of arrival to the nearest minute. 
Hail, Mesocyclones, and Tornado Vortex Signatures (TVS) 

Using algorithms developed by the National Weather Service, you can detect which storms have hail, which storms are rotating (mesocyclones), and which storms may have tornadoes.
Local Storm Reports

Display actual storm reports from citizens, storm spotters, or law enforcement about what is actually happening on the ground

Integrated Position Tracking

Display the position of storm spotters and storm chasers in real-time, even while they are moving!

Using the same technology as commercial fleet-tracking operations, SWIFT WX Professional combines GPS and Internet connectivity to provide real-time report of user positions.

Additionally, built-in support for the following Position Tracking Enhancements:
  • User-to-User Chatting
  • User Webcams
  • Visit User's Website
  • Send Email to User
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