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Customer Testimonials (Page 2)

Simply amazing... I wanted to thank you for the great work you have done on the Winter Weather Radar. It supercedes any other radar on the market. I just wanted to say thank you from the citizens of Crawford County, Arkansas where this radar is utilized in our Crawford County StormNET program.


Steven Gann KE5ESB
StormNET Coordinator
Chief Deputy Coordinator for Crawford County Department of Emergency Management (Volunteer Position - NOT PAID)
We had two days of severe storms come through. As soon as my NOAA weather radio issued the alert, I fired up my trial version of Swift to track the storm! It was amazing! In a matter of minutes I was able to know the time the storm was hitting my house, the size of hail it could produce, & see if there was any wind shear in the storm! I was able to prepare for the oncoming storm. Swift is truly an incredible product!

Thanks again!
Nathan Parker

Just wanted to let you know that I was able to put SwiftWx to work last night to help keep people safe. We had some tornadoes go through the area last night (May 1st), I received a call around 11pm from a friend of mine in Chester, IL. She said that her weather radio had indicated a tornado and she knew I'd be watching and wanted to know if she was in immediate danger. I used Swift to tell her that Chester was not actually included in the warning area and that the dangerous cells were well to her north. I also noticed that the cell in question was heading toward 2 other towns in which she had relatives.

One of these individuals was her grandmother who lives alone in a trailer. She was able to give her grandmother at least 20 minutes notice before the cell actually arrived. Fortunately, no tornado actually hit the ground, it was only a funnel cloud, but this shows just how powerful a tool SwiftWx can be for individuals or communities for advanced storm warnings.

I love the program. Keep up the good work!

Jamie Robinson
Perryville, MO     
Helo Rory 

We had a sever storm warning this past Saturday and SWIFT WX was all over it. It was about 15 mins later before we even heard about the warning from the local tv station. And the weather alert radio we have didn't even go off.

It was a pretty bad storm too. Lot of trees down, severe lighting and we got about 2 inches of rain. And SWIFT WX was on top of everything going on or about to happen. The program gave us enough time to go ahead and get the extra saws out of storage and gas them up for if we needed to use them and we did use them that day. I dont know what to say but the program is great and gave us a 15 min heads up that day. And again i would like to say thanks from all of us.

Danny Baines
Sullivan West Volunteer Fire Deparment
Kingsport, TN   

I just completed your free trial of your Swift Wx. and it is really the best I have run into. Being a espotter for NWS in Bronson, Ks. only 350 Pop. In real bad weather your seeing the same as will be reported in maybe 10 to 15 minutes later which can make allot of difference when trying to warn people. Enough, I just wanted to tell how great it was.

Ron Townsend 

Since I started chasing storms I have always looked for additional tools to help in the chase and Swift WX software is it! We rely on our skills and experience in storm chasing and with additional weather tools it makes our chase easier. I have used other weather tracking software before but Swift WX is hands down the best on the market.

The tech support and software improvements made for each release make using it in the field better and better.  Even if you just like to watch the storms from your house or work and know the details of them, Swift WX is the best. There are times I can not chase and just sit back in my house and using the software keeps me up to date on what is happening with the storms. Thanks Rory for the great software!

Kevin Haney
Tracy MN Weather Center
Tracy, Minnesota
I really want to compliment you on how well you've worked with the users and how open you are to changes!!! It just goes to show how good programs can be when the developer cares what the users think/want and when they are willing to provide input (given, no matter what program there's usually not a shortage of comments from the users!). However, rarely have I ever seen a programmer go to the lengths that you do to try to accomodate most/all changes requested. Just wanted to let you know it's been a lot of fun this've had me on the "edge of my seat" waiting for each upgrade to see what else you've included.

I'm really looking forward to both v2.8 and v3!!! Keep up the great work! 


Just wanted to let you know we spotted a rotational funnel this evening during the severe storms in Central Virginia Thanks to the new 2.5 Swiftwx software.

We were setting it up in the command vehicle this evening when the spotter alert went out over Amateur Radio . We hit the update button and saw the activity so we picked out the best looking location and got some great shots to report to wakefield (AKQ) Thanks for the software keep up the great work !

Joe Landers
Assistant Emergency Radio officer for Chesterfield Co. Va.   
Wow are you awesome, Thank you for the super speedy reply and fix. I love your program and will definately subscribe.  I am so happy I found you and this teriffic software. I am learning to be a Storm Spotter. I witnessed the Plainfield and Utica IL Tornados. I wish I could show you a picture of the Utica IL tornado, as it was 18 miles to the west of my house. Huge spirialing white rings, real fluffy rings, growing larger as it got higher. I hope you didn't mind me sharing a little.

Thank you for your awesome service.
Todd Sr.   
I'm loving 2.6... tuesday night, we had some storms to the west of Newton, KS... (East of hutchinson, ks about 26 miles or so...) I watched them come to life, and die out...

I was able to know how long we had to shoot off fireworks before it started to rain....

Dustin Burson   
i stayed up until 3 am thursday morning while my parents were asleep keeping a close eye on the weather here in kansas city. swift kicks ass

I definitely like the look and feel of the new version. The addition of sharing GPS data is an excellent idea, I am already noticing other users on the screen as well as your laptop. We already use winaprs here to track spotters at the EMA office and I currently use two GPS units, one for SwiftWX and one for APRS.

Again, great software, I am very pleased with it. Keep up the good work.

Gary Wayne Clements
Dear Rory, 

I would like to send my greatest appreciations for your program, SwiftWx. I am a National Weather Service SKYWARN Spotter for the NWS in Chanhassen, Minnesota and also an Amateur Radio Operator.

I have been using your program to find out where and when severe weather is occurring almost every day. Before I discovered your program I was relying on The Weather Channel for almost everything I wanted to know about weather happenings. With your program, I am able to select different areas of the country and observe radar, storm reports, and possible tornados, hail, heavy rain, etc anywhere at anytime. I also like the GPS capabilities and how I can observe other Storm Spotters, EOC’s, and Law Enforcement Officials and their locations; also the ability to view a webcam if one has optioned to include one.

Using the Convection Outlooks, Mesoscale Discussions, Surface Observations, Storm Attributes and Color Radar properly trained Weather Spotters now have the ability to assist Emergency Officials in notifying a community when severe weather is approaching their area.

As a Storm Chaser I wholly encourage others to download the two week demo. They will find that SwiftWx is professionally designed and that there are capabilities to integrate user-designed options, and new additions and upgrades can be anticipated in the future.

Great work, Rory, I look forward to putting SwiftWx to test this coming fall.

Scott M Palacheck
Burnsville, Minnesota USA
KØHLP / SKYWARN Storm Spotter 5612   
Action? Action, and then some! Stormy night here in South Dakota. It was really cool using Swift WX as I was able to see a cell that was due to track right over my house. Sure enough, right on schedule the storm approached. That was about 2315 last night. From that time until 6am we had 50mph+ winds and torrential rain. The official report was 3.3 inches.

A wild night made even more cool with Swift.

Eric Ortega   
hey Rory, I love your program i used it to track the tornado we had here the other day i gave an advance warning to 911 where and when it was goin to happen and i saved some peoples lives!!!!!!!

Newsmyrna Beach, FL
I just wanted to let you know.  I downloaded Swift WX 2.5 all I can say bout Swift WX 2.5 is WOW. Very cool. We had severe weather go through our area last night and it was really cool to see the new features at work in 2.5 nice work. Can't wait to see what you go up your sleeve in 2.7 release. Take care.

Dwight Falin
NWS Skywarn Storm Spotter KBN085   
It was like waiting for Xmas morning last night knowing the new version was going to be out today. Oh my god, this is SWEET !!! so many options, details, images, the radars are excellent.

You guys outdid yourselves on this one. Watching the line come across the mid-west, what a display. Excellent job guys, REALLY !!!! 

Thank you Rory, nice work...
Skill is what leads us to the best storm of the day on a regular basis. But for an added measure of advantage, we employ technology. There are few tools in this arena that perform better than SWIFT WX. SWIFT WX is a sophisticated, well-designed product that suits the storm chaser or spotter quite well. It's a powerful tool at a very reasonable price. Every storm chaser and spotter should have SWIFT WX.

Martin Lisius, President
Tempest Tours, Inc.
I highly recommend this software package to anyone who tracks the weather as a hobby or pro. Working with complex programming most of the day, it’s nice to use software that is user friendly and reliable.

Steve Oliver
Molecular Immunologist
Swift Wx works like it should cost 1000s of $$$$. It is my FAVORITE storm tracking software and is also the best one! I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL 2.8 COMES OUT!! I don't know what software i would use if it was not fo SwiftWx!!

Swfit Wx is awsome,
Michael Vinther

Because of your extraordinary assistance in helping we the Street overlays, I will now use no other Weather Tracking Software other than SwiftWX. It is the Cream of the Crop and I am so thankful that this software is available to us.

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